mandag 9. august 2010

Dare to be different – be what you are!

9th – 15th of August 2010 
I was heading 
Kenya National Joint Brengle Institute
All my lectures was presented under the title

Dare to be different 
– be what you are!
A life of holiness


‘It is this holiness — the doctrines, the experience, the action — that we Salvationists must maintain, else we shall betray our trust; we shall lose our birthright; we shall cease to be a spiritual power in the earth; we shall have a name to live and yet be dead; our glory will depart; and we, like Samson shorn of his locks, shall become as other men.’(1)

A set of papers for a Brengle-Institute should start with a Brengle-quote – and I promise you – there will be more.

The document you have in front of you has been prepared for this occasion and should be regarded as notes. We will use them as a support during the week. They are extensive in length, but the main thing is that we touch the subjects – the intention is sharing, learning from one another’s experience and insight.

As with everything else in the Spiritual world – what is written will only be letters if the Spirit does not bring them to life (2). It is my prayer that this will happen. Without the Spirit we are just like other men. With the Spirit, we are different. We should dare to be what we are in Christ.

If nothing else is stated the Bible-references are quoted from the New International Version.

May God bless you as we travel on this spiritual journey together!

Your brother in Christ

(1) Samuel Logan Brengle – quoted in Robert Street ”Called to be God’s People” IHQ 1999 p 64
(2) He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 2 Cor 3:6

The complete document: 

Dare to be different – be what you are! - in PDF-format

The power-point presentations:
  1. Dare to be different 
  2. Holiness in the individual 
  3. Holiness in historic perspective
  4. Holiness and perfection
  5. The community of saints
  6. This session on the Spiritual Gifts was done without PP
  7. No holiness but social holiness
  8. Holiness in music was mainly done by the delegates 
  9. Holiness in a Brengle-perspective
  10. The fruit of the Spirit 
  11. Holiness in society